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Crowned Heads Release Follow Up To Hot Sun

This last spring we finished up the “Hay Te Guacho” C.D.  pronounced Ay Tay Watcho.  Hay Te Guacho Cucaracho is Mexican slang for “See you later alligator” of “After awhile crocodile”.  I wrote this song with mi amigos Ben Marines and Luis Garcia.

Luis is a young kid from Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico.  While helping me build my adobe casa, I asked him for help with the lyrics, so he put the “Mexican pop” thing to it.  Now I am officially a Mexican pop star in my own mind in Mexico!  Last year he was in Austin, Texas when the immigration authorities “La Migra” caught up with him and sent him back to Chihuahua.  A Smile Cuesta Nada  “A Smile Cost Nothing” is a term from a Canadian amigo Juanito who lives in San Augustinillo, Oaxaxca.  I dug it so much that I made it a song, with a Sir Douglas kind of groove to it.  Pancho Villa is a Cumbia I wrote in 1985 in Paris, France.  I always thought this would be a cool song in Mexican discos.


In 1983, I was stepping into the waves in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, but at a certain spot music would pop into my head for no reason.  Banana Shout is one of the songs that came from this “musical spot”.  I guess I should go back there more!  In 1989 there was this house that I really wanted to live in out in the Texas Hill Country.  I mean I really wanted to live there.  I was stalking this empty house in a very extreme way!!  I wrote You Could Have Been Mine about this experience.  The rest of the songs on this CD have been my favorites through the years that I kinda wanted to update.  The 65 Vox Continental played by Billy Morales is very predominant throughout the whole CD.  This CD will Tick Tock your Problems Away.  So grab a bottle of Big Red and get ready to Rock Esta Noche and feel Buena!