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The Story of Tattoo Laredo and Vamos A Get Down

Written by Joe King Carrasco on December 7, 2011

Tattoo Laredo and Vamos A Get Down- were  recorded  back to back--  in 1990 and 1991 in Houston and Austin, Texas.   If you check out a timeline of my recording history- you will see a gap between  Royal Loyal and Live  (1989)  and Dia De Los Muertos (1995)  This is  the music  that was fueling the live shows in that period.

These are the tapes that were left behind and almost forgotten on the back dusty shelves of several recording studios almost twenty years ago for various reasons.

The songs for Tattoo Laredo were recorded in Feb. 1990 in Austin Texas.  Then we took the masters down to Saturn Sounds in Houston to finish the overdubbing with Richard Cagel, who took over the engineering on this project.  Richard was a bassist and vocalist for the first real performing band  " The shades of Time" that I  played in, in the 7th grade, in Dumas, Texas.  He is pretty much responsible  for keeping this effort alive through all this time.

Breaking Down the Border 115° in Nuevo Laredo

In September I was in Nuevo Laredo, when it was 115°, with Billy Morales, my sometimes keyboardist, movie director amigo and my two dogs.

Tex-Mex King Discovered in Head of Clutter

Mexico Mike Nelson a friend of mine and probably the best authority on traveling around Mexico, just wrote a book called “Stop Clutter From Stealing Your Life.”  I was featured in one chapter for being a pack rat to the extreme of extremes.  This is so true.  I just can’t throw anything away.

Crowned Heads Release Follow Up To Hot Sun

This last spring we finished up the “Hay Te Guacho” C.D.  pronounced Ay Tay Watcho.  Hay Te Guacho Cucaracho is Mexican slang for “See you later alligator” of “After awhile crocodile”.  I wrote this song with mi amigos Ben Marines and Luis Garcia.